Technical Specifications Take a virtual tour

  • Road Board hook-up is downstage right and consists of 600 Amp 3-phase “Wye” 120/208 VAC.
  • Conventional stage lights are in place. Lighting positions and circuit layouts are available on request.
  • Permanent Meyer Leopard PA; additional equipment rental charges apply when used.
  • Closed-circuit television stage monitors.
  • Call and show monitor to dressing rooms.
  • Headset communication between all operating positions.
  • Front projection space is available by conversion of Boxes M, N and O. There are no projectors fitted and no house screen.
  • Truck dock is located at 270 Hayes Street. Dock height is 3'4"
  • Inner fire door at dock: 20' wide by 10'6" high
  • Doors to stage: 6'9" wide by 6'9" high
  • Downstage sidewall to sidewall: 64'3"
  • Upstage sidewall to sidewall: 48'6"
  • Overall depth of stage at centerline: 34'2"
  • Stage height above auditorium floor: 3'3"
  • Stage floor to ceiling: 67'9"
  • Stage sidewall height: 11'9"
  • Upstage enclosed crossover nominal width: 7'6"    
  • Follow spot booth to center stage: 142'
  • Pit elevator center platform width: 14'
  • Pit elevator full width: 48'
  • Hardwood, tongue and groove, sprung.
  • Upstage 12'3" of stage has permanent 36" high orchestra riser.
  • Stage width is 50'10" at downstage line of this permanent riser.
  • Full 5 tier orchestra risers in a half circle configuration are typically in place.
  • Pit has additional space at intermediate level below stage for placement of 40 to 50 musicians.
  • Pit may be raised to stage height or lowered to the basement as either a full width or center platform width elevator.