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As part of the Veterans Building Seismic & Life Safety Improvements Project, completed in September 2015, the Herbst Theatre received significant upgrades. Stage systems improvements include a new counterweight rigging system, expanded stage wing space, orchestra lift replacement and new lighting positions.

Performers benefit from a new backstage suite, which includes accessible stage level dressing rooms, a multi-purpose rehearsal room and a performer lounge provided by a gift from the Herbst Foundation.

Patron improvements include new seats in the Dress Circle and Balcony Sections. Box seating was redesigned to improve sightlines to the stage and increase patron comfort. Additional restroom facilities were placed on the first floor. Acoustic improvements included installation of a new orchestra shell provided by a private gift from the Herbst Theatre Acoustic Advisory Committee.

  • The Herbst Theatre has a proscenium stage with an orchestra pit lift, which acts as a stage thrust when raised.
  • The stage is 32'3" in depth with a 9'10" apron downstage of the proscenium.
  • The proscenium is 33'11" wide by 23' high.
  • The fly system has 41 pipes on 6" centers (see Line Schedule under More Info).
  • Fly system includes side tab pipes 20' long located 24' Stage Left and Stage Right of Center Line.
  • Typical batten length is 45'. Locking Rail is located in the Stage Left wing.
  • Grid Height is 58'10".
  • There is a complete set of black velour legs and borders.
  • A complete stage plot consisting of ETC Source 4 lamps is available at no charge. Complete documentation is available by request in either PDF or CAD.
  • Phoebus Titan 2 follow spots (two available): $75
  • A professional sound system consisting of the L'Acoustics Kudo Line Array System with a Yamaha CL5 digital console: $100 per day
  • Intercom system: No charge
  • Monitor Speakers (6 available): $50
  • Denon Dual CD player: $25
  • Wireless microphones: $25
  • Condenser microphones: $20
  • Narrowest point in corridor: 4'8" by 7'7"
  • Upstage Center loading door: 6'11" wide by 7'11" high
  • Stage Right loading doors: 4'10" wide by 7'1" high
  • Narrowest point in south corridor: 4'8" wide by 7'8" high
  • East loading door to exterior: 4'9" wide by 7'11" high

All items to be loaded into the Herbst Theatre enter via the southwest doors of the Veterans Building from the Memorial Court Driveway. As there is no loading dock, trucks delivering items should have a lift gate or ramp.

Short-term parking is allowed for loading and unloading with advance approval. Street parking for large trucks and vehicles must be arranged in advance, and may require approval of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.


One parking permit a available to Licensees after 5:00 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends. No additional parking is available on the premises. See Directions & Parking for more information.