Facilities of Asian Cultural Exchange, Inc


Facilities of Asian Cultural Exchange, Inc, Davies Hall, ENCHANTING CHINA. East meets West with Enchanting China. Savor the unique sounds of classical Chinese instruments like the Erhu, Sheng, Banhu, Liuqin, and Ruan rarely performed in America’s great concert halls. Direct from China, musicians and vocalists from the Chinese Traditional Orchestra visit Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle for an unprecedented West Coast tour. Accented with traditional dance, a large chorus, and Chinese and American vocalists, Enchanting China is presented as four chapters integrating elements from traditional Chinese opera, folk and modern classical music. The Chinese Traditional Orchestra takes American audiences on a historic musical journey that demonstrates the beauty that comes from blending Eastern and Western sounds. Pieces will include “A Moonlit Night on the Spring River,” “Lovely Rose,” “Silk Road,” and “Deep Night.”